Country Superstar Chris Young

17 08 2011

Back in 2005 I started going some DJing for an online country station and i would play Indie country artist. Indie artist are the new up coming arist trying to get a record deal and make it to the big time. When i got started with one of the first new Indie artists i heard of was Chris Young! I remember the very first song i played was one of Chris’s! I had a good feeling about Chris making it someday and guess what he did! I DJed for for about 3 or 4 years and ever sence i been following Chris!

In 2006 Chris Young was on Nashville Star and he won it! He got a record deal with RCA and releast his first self titled album!

In 2009 Chris releast his 2nd album ‘The Man I Want to Be’ and that album was just certified Gold! Chris also has 3 #1 singles on that album! ‘Voices’  ‘Gettin you Home’  ‘The Man I want to Be’

Chris Young just releasted his 3rd album ‘Neon’ July 12th and already his first releast single on this album “Tomarrow” became his 4th stright #1 single!

I FINALLY got to see and meet Chris Young on Aug 7th when he FINALLY came to Binghamton to play at the Spiedie Fest! I got Meet & Greet pass thru his awesome fan club! It was the best and wildest concert i ever been to!  He played all his #1 hits and songs off all 3 albums plus 2 other songs!

It was so awesome meeting Chris! Thought i was gonna be speachless when i saw him but i wasnt and was able to tell him everything i wanted! He even remembered me from!! Chris signed my guitar and gave me a hug!

Chris’s fans “YOUNG COUNTRY’ are awesome too! It was great meeting new friends and hangin out with them all day!! You can bet i’ll be goin to more Chris concerts somewhere!!

You can get to know more on Chris Young at


Beautiful Talented Ava Aston

25 01 2011

Ava Aston is a Beautiful Talented Singer/Songwriter and actress from Upstate NY!  Back in mid 09 She hit me up on facebook and the as they say the rest is history!

In September 09 Ava wrote “We the People” and then went to DC to shoot a video little did she realised she got herself into alittle trouble Haha! Ava then turned to her fans on facebook and twitter for a picture of them in front of the American Flag for her video so i sent her my very first fireman picture in front of the flag and she used used it not once but 3 times in the video!! Check out the video and please share it!

I finally met Ava in person in November 09! It was so funny i’ll wont forget the day we met! I was outside durning the day talking to the chic next door and she asks me”What are you doing tonite” I said “Im meeting this hot showgirl chick from New York City” She just laughts and says have fun! While im waiting for Ava I see this car pull up and this dude and chick gets out goes next door, I said that not her Haha Well..Come to find out when she got inside thier house Ava asks for me and thats when she realised she was at the wrong house Hahaha!!!  We had a great little time meeting each other and I took her to the firehouse 🙂 The next day the chick next door asks ” How did your showgirl date go? She seams nice and looks beautiful” Hahaha Amen to  that!!

Ava Aston is an Independent Artist that means she dont have a major record deal yet but she will soon! I have Faith and I BELIEVE!!

Ava has a CD out called “Gone” with 10 songs on it and she wrote all of them! I love them all! My favorite song is “I Carry You with me”  That song really help me get throught the lost of my little 5 year old buddy Acen on September 3 , 2010. My Other favorite on the CD is “I Adore You”  Ava’s Other CD is a single of  “We the People”

To learn more on Ava Aston and get to know her vist her site at You can find her songs/Videos and the links to her Facebook/Twitter/Myspace pages all on her site!  Hit Ava up and tell her i sent ya! 😉

My favorite quote of Ava is “Never ever give up. If you do, only then do you have a chance of an Epic Fail!” — Ava Aston 2010

Ava’s Bithday is the same day as mine!! Isn’t that AWESOME!! She has inspired me in so many ways!!

Till next time Have fun Be safe!!

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