Remembering Charleston 9

18 06 2013


Six years today June 17th 2007 9 Firefighters lost their lives in Charleston, SC at a Sofa store. That day was the worse in the fire service history sense 9-11-01.  Lost were Captain Louis Mulkey, Captain Mike Benke, FF Melvin Champaign, Captain Billy Hutchingson, Engineer Brad Baity, FF Earl Drayton, Engineer Mark Kelsey, Engineer Michael French, and FF Brandon Thompson.


Charleston along with mutual aid companies responded to a fire at a furniture store. The fire was reported on the loading dock. Firefighters went in to attack the fire to stop it before it hit the main showroom of the buliding. Once inside the firefighter received a report of someone trapped inside. They began to search for the trapped person then the fire started to spread fast. The firefighters lost their way out and never make it out of the building.

Alot of things went wrong that day and could possibly been preventable. Today Fire Depts all across the country train and learn from this fire by going over the fire reports and listening to the auto of the fireground operations. Hopefully we will learn from this tragedy so it never happens again.


A remembrance video – Charleston 9: The Ultimate Sacrifice”






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