Just Birding along

13 05 2013

Its been a while sense my last blog! I been busy focusing on Birding & getting the things i need to help me see and ID birds like binoculars & a Birding Field guide. I picked up ‘Stokes Field Guide to Birds Eastern Region’ at Barns & Noble. Its a great guide and already i was able to ID 2 birds from it!  Thanks to Melissa for recriminating it to me!

Either im at a local park or just down at the creek I been seeing and hearing more than i can get a shot at! Now that May is here the Summer birds are starting to slowly come around! The one bird i want to see, hear and get shots of most is my Lifer & favorite Baltimore Oriole! Cant wait to catch him! Warblers are driving me nuts to catch as they are small, fast & high! Its really hard to get a shot of them and there is sooo many types of them too!  I have caught a Pileated Woodpecker, I love his red spiky hair!  Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow, & a Catbird! Catbirds are cool they sound like a cat MEOW! 

HOPEFULLY I’ll catch more new birds & that ORIOLE soon!

17816_129425963914741_597692913_nPileated Woodpecker

922685_134911426699528_1219714449_nRed-Bellied Woodpecker!

408399_136119743245363_1959387110_nAmerican Goldfinch! First time seeing them Bright Yellowed!

945594_135880569935947_1119551231_nRose-breasted Grosbeak!

922896_136400693217268_1958765372_nChipping Sparrow!

943205_136669723190365_2042237152_nCATBIRD! MEOW!







2 responses

13 05 2013
Martin Tarbox

Nice work, Dave!

13 05 2013
Dave Hitt

Thanks Bro!

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