Birding is Awesome!

12 04 2013

Scene my last Birding blog i found out that Birding is very fun, Awesome & Addicting hobby! A HUGE THANKS To my friend & neighbor Melissa for getting me into Birding! Just within the last few weeks  Melissa has showed & tough me alot about birding & its only gonna get funner and better! 

Birding is a awesome way to get motivated to get out and get some good exercise by walking/hiking the trails in the woods and the creek! We have an awesome creek for that! I been going down there every morning everyday this week for anywhere between 1/2 hour to 2 hours! If the weather and birding is good i could stay down there all day! There is a huge hill behind Melissa’s house that im tempting to climb!

Untill this passed Wednesday I never seen so many ducks before! WOW Holy DUCKS! There had to be a least 100 different Ducks & Birds at the river! There is this thing they call FallOut and the cause of that is when you have a thunderstorm and the birds flying place to place just drop down untill its good for them to fly again! We got the river and i couldnt believe how many where! They were all on the far side from us so it hard to take picts you need a scope or binoculars to see them good! They were pretty cool! Thursday morning we went back to the river on the side all the ducks were hoping to see them but they all left except a few in a nearby pond! That was so cool! A Bold Eagle live in that area too but didnt see it, Hopefully soon I will catch it! Never seen a Bold Eagle in the wild!

Already i have seen or heard 48 Species of Birds! Canada Goose, Mallard,  Blue-winged Teal,  Greater Scaup,  Long-tailed Duck,  Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser, Common Merganser,  Ruffed Grouse,  Common Loon, Pied-billed Grebe,  Horned Grebe,  Double-crested Cormorant,  Great Blue Heron,  Red-tailed Hawk,  Killdeer,  Bonaparte’s Gull,  Caspian Tern, Mourning Dove,  Belted Kingfisher,  Red-bellied Woodpecker,  Downy Woodpecker,  Hairy Woodpecker,  Northern Flicker, Pileated Woodpecker,  Eastern Phoebe, Blue Jay,  American Crow,  Tree Swallow,  Black-capped Chickadee,  Tufted Titmouse,  Brown Creeper,  Carolina Wren,  Golden-crowned Kinglet,  American Robin,  European Starling,  Song Sparrow,  Dark-eyed Junco,  Northern Cardinal,  Red-winged Blackbird,  Common Grackle,  Common Redpoll,  Pine Siskin,  American Goldfinch   Fox Sparrow,  Turkey Vulture,  White-breasted Nuthatch

Thats ALOT of Birds already Haha!


A Male Northern Cardinal! I love listening to these guys! So far the Cardinal is the only bird i can tell by sound right off!


A Male Downy Woodpecker! A Male has red on him the Females dont!


A Red-Tailed Hawk being chased by a Crow in the neighborhood!


From the river Wednesday! Got to tank Melissa for taking this from her scope!  Horned Grebes up front, one Bufflehead in the back!


From the river Wednesday! Thanks to Melissa for taking this shot of the  The Long-tailed Ducks from her scope!




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12 04 2013

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So pretty.

12 04 2013
Dave Hitt


12 04 2013
Melissa Penta

Some birds to add to your list that I know you saw: Fox Sparrow, Turkey Vulture, White-breasted Nuthatch (you have it on your Facebook album)

12 04 2013
Dave Hitt

Awesome! Thanks!

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