11 03 2013


Do you have a smoke alarm? Does your smoke alarm work? If you answered No then WHY THE HELL NOT??  SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES PERIOD!! IF you dont have one PLEASE get one especially if you have Children!! Smoke alarms CAN & WILL SAVE  you and your family!!  IF you have Children PLEASE teach them and practice fire drills so they know what to do in case of a fire. Fires take no holidays or time outs! They CAN happen at ANY time, Day, Night, Year! You NEVER know!

IF you need a smoke alarm you can pretty much get them at any store if you cant get one at the store PLEASE call your local Fire Dept NON-EMERGENCY and ask for one. Most Fire Depts give them out and will install them for you. WE WANT YOU and your FAMILY SAFE!!


Heres some proof that WORKING Smoke alarms WORK! This is a melted smoke alarm. This Alarm SAVED ME and also SAVED my friend’s house!  This alarm was on the 2nd floor of the home as i was down on the first floor, It went off I saw the fire got out called the fire dept and they got there fast enough to SAVE my friend’s home! Had this alarm had NOT been working i may not be here telling you this right now! Trust me on this as a Firefighter i have been on both sides of the fence!

Here is a tragic fire that happened Saturday in Kentucky. These tragic fires happen way to often  although we cant stop fires from happening WE CAN STOP the tragedies by getting WORKING SMOKE ALARMS and teaching our children fire safety!!







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