AWESOME time at 1000 Islands 8-2-12

4 08 2012

WOW!!! Couldnt ask for more perfect weather! Had a steady nice cool breeze, was more so on Heart Island where Bolt Castle is!

The boat cruse was just AWESOME!! Had a nice big lunch buffee, My favorite part being on the Canada side!! LOTS of boats of all types and sizes on the river! Even NAVY and huge cargo ships on it, A NAVY ship passed by while i was inside the castle sucks i missed that LOL, St Lawance rive is HUGE! and OMG the water was like CRISTLE CLEAR BLUE!! I have NEVER seen water that clear and blue!!

The sights were just breath taking and awesome! Islands of all sizes and houses on the Islands were all sizes, You GOT to see my picts to know what im taking about LOL There are houses that look like little barbie houses no joke!

Bolt Castle was awesome too! Not very much inside the main Castle tho, For the passed few years they been redoing it and still are so alot of rooms blocked off, Was very nice tho, My favorie from the inside was the stain glass on the top! The basement was neat too, Its a huge tunnel, had a few rooms and it was DARK in there but of couse there was light, Would love to be in there in the middle of the night LOL, The pool was down there too

I wanna go back again soon!! Haha! If i wasnt going to Martinsville i would go back up there in Oct, Wouldnt that be awesome to see the fall colors there!!

EVERYONE on the bus, Boat, at the Castle and all the staff was nice and friendly! I was sittin out there on Heart Island just taking in the nice view, had a few folks ask if i was ok LOL

We got there 1130 so had a hour to kill before we had to get on the boat so i went shopping LOL had alots of shops and bars on the street! NO I didnt go into a bar up there LOL I saw a few firefighter shirts, I got a shirt with a firefighter on front that says “What you call hell we call home” and on the back i got 1000 Islands! I even found SALT WATER TAFFY!! Had to get a cupple boxes LOL, Got 3 magnets for the fredge! One says A Bay, 2 with Bolt Castle! Spent all my $$$ there LOL

We left at 6 and stoped at a mall in Watertown for dinner, It gota be very close to FT Drum cause there was lots of soilders walking around in uniform, I went up to a cupple of them shoke their hands told them thanks and 1 ask if i like a pict with him LOL

Got home at 1030, I was wiped out had been up 36 hours so i slept 12 hours today and worked on picts, I took 200 picts after going thu them i still ended up like like 185 LOL All my picts are on FB and they are here also




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