Country Superstar Chris Young

17 08 2011

Back in 2005 I started going some DJing for an online country station and i would play Indie country artist. Indie artist are the new up coming arist trying to get a record deal and make it to the big time. When i got started with one of the first new Indie artists i heard of was Chris Young! I remember the very first song i played was one of Chris’s! I had a good feeling about Chris making it someday and guess what he did! I DJed for for about 3 or 4 years and ever sence i been following Chris!

In 2006 Chris Young was on Nashville Star and he won it! He got a record deal with RCA and releast his first self titled album!

In 2009 Chris releast his 2nd album ‘The Man I Want to Be’ and that album was just certified Gold! Chris also has 3 #1 singles on that album! ‘Voices’  ‘Gettin you Home’  ‘The Man I want to Be’

Chris Young just releasted his 3rd album ‘Neon’ July 12th and already his first releast single on this album “Tomarrow” became his 4th stright #1 single!

I FINALLY got to see and meet Chris Young on Aug 7th when he FINALLY came to Binghamton to play at the Spiedie Fest! I got Meet & Greet pass thru his awesome fan club! It was the best and wildest concert i ever been to!  He played all his #1 hits and songs off all 3 albums plus 2 other songs!

It was so awesome meeting Chris! Thought i was gonna be speachless when i saw him but i wasnt and was able to tell him everything i wanted! He even remembered me from!! Chris signed my guitar and gave me a hug!

Chris’s fans “YOUNG COUNTRY’ are awesome too! It was great meeting new friends and hangin out with them all day!! You can bet i’ll be goin to more Chris concerts somewhere!!

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17 08 2011

I enjoyed reading what you have to say about Chris. I have been following Him since the first night I saw Him on Nashville Star. I am so glad you finally got to meet Chris. He is such a talent.

17 08 2011


17 08 2011
Wendie Grogan

Hey Dave,

Great job on launching the blog. Just curious…what was that first song you played on And what made you choose that as your ‘on air’ debut?

I was a little late to the Young Country party, you might say, since my first exposure to Chris was hearing ‘Gettin’ You Home’ on 99.5 The Wolf, a super popular radio station down here in Dallas, TX. I was blown away by his voice and the song itself was, in my opinion, the sexiest country song of all time (well, it might be second behind ‘Tomorrow’ now), so naturally I had to find out more about the man behind the voice. Thanks to Google, YouTube and iTunes, I caught up pretty quick and now I am definitely a fan for life. I got to meet Chris for the first time in Tulsa, OK back in July and I’m hoping to get another meet and greet when I take my 9-year-old daughter, Haley, to his show at the Tulsa State Fair on Oct. 8. I don’t have a thing for Tulsa, although what I saw of it was pretty cool; it’s just that those happened to be the closest shows to here that I could get to — until they scheduled the one at Cowboys in Arlington, TX, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from here. I’m going to try to make that one, too, but it’s adults only, so the Tulsa trip is as much for Haley as for me…and if you believe that, there’s this bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you!

Anyway, I’ve taken up enough space here already. Good luck with the blog — and everything.


17 08 2011

Thanks Wendie! Have fun at the show! I cant remember what song i first played, I just remembered it was one of Chris’s

17 08 2011
Michelle's Heart Songs

Love the blog! I so enjoy reading stories about Chris from his fans who are lucky enough to meet him.

18 08 2011


18 08 2011
Joy Thornborough

Thanks for the blog …. enjoyed your story. We all have one and what’s fun is that we all Love this Artist and we want him to be “Big” in this Music Industry. Probably even more than Chris wants to be. I Think he is great!

I have just read some listings:
Any ideas why Luke Bryan sold more CD’s in one week than Chris has in 5? He more than doubled what Chris did in week 1. I’m very surprised “Neon” hasn’t hit the 200,000 mark by now. It’s not bad. I just expected this excellent CD to have gotten a little better response than it has.
You’d think “Tomorrow” and 4 straight number 1’s would translate into better sales. Just points out Luke and Eric Church have much bigger fan bases right now than Chris, and that’s surprising these two artists would be that further ahead. Maybe “You” will kick things in high gear and Chris continues to build his base touring with Jason Aldean. He’s doing all the right things and carrying himself as well as he can as an artist. He just needs more national exposure with a hit record that crosses over. It appears Luke received a huge boost from his performance on the CMT Music Awards. Chris needs a chance to perform on a prime time national stage like that. In light of everything that’s taken place, I’m now not certain he’ll get that opportunity at this year’s CMAs. Right now, the promotional arm needs to step it up in a big way when this new single comes out.
In my opinion, “Tailights and Tanlines” is not near the quality as “Neon.” Not sure what I’m missing.
Also, not sure why “You” is not being worked to radio until September 12. I would have expected it to impact this week at the latest.
Last edited by KirkW; Yesterday at 09:31 PM.

I just want to say that I will be seeing Chris at the Jason Aldean tour on the 27th of this month in Tinley Pk, IL. ……. The reason I am going to the concert is to see Chris ….. Not Jason. I’m also hoping for the Meet & Greet and I can’t wait to see him in person, since my first time I saw him was 2006 on the Nashville Star and even then I know he would win from Day One!..
Chris will have his time in the Sun … he just needs to stay Genuine. Remember his fans and remember where he came from and success will come 10 fold!

Congratulations Chris and coming so Far from where you started from!

Thanks, Joy

18 08 2011


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