Meeting Kevin Harvick

4 08 2011

Kevin Harvick came to the local Ollies store for their grand opening yesterday morning to cut the ribon and sign autograghs! Ollies is his sponsor on his truck for Pocono on Sat.

I got to the store at 5:15am hung out met some other Kevin fans, I never knew there were so many Kevin fans in the area! There wasnt many there. They handed out tickets at 730 and i ended up 19th in line!

Kevin got there around 9:15 and somehow he snuck in there without anyone seeing him come in! He was in the store for 20mins then came out to cut the ribbon then went back in the store to sign!

They called in 25 people at a time to get in line to meet him so i ended up being like 5th one to meet him!

When i got up to Kevin i said to him”How ya doin brotha?” He said “Im doin great and i remember ya from the fan club” I told him “I’ll see ya at Dover and go out there and kick some ass” He said “I will” Got my pict with him and got my flamie smilie plate signed plus a pict of his Ollies truck signed!!

Have being in Kevin’s fan club for years and even walked up to him at RIR in 01 this is the first time i really met him by talking, shaking his hand and getting a pict with him!

It was an awesome day finally meeting Kevin and meeting new Kevin fans!!





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