The Great Race

16 06 2011

Yesterday I got to go check out The Great Race as they made a pit stop in Binghamton,Ny! It was really cool to see and unlike Nascar! This year’s race started in Chattanooga,TN and will finish in Bennington,VT thats 1500 miles!!

The Great race is a bunch of old cars from 1911-1969 racing across America in a week! This race isnt about who crosses the finish line first. Its a time/speed/distance rally as they are scored at checkpoints along the way.  Each car has a driver and navigator and the team calculates every inch/foot/mile right down to the second as to the time they think they’ll hit the checkpoint and they are scored a 0 if they hit the mark right on and get points added if they are ahead or behind time. Like golf the car with lowest points wins it all!

The first car that came thu was a 1936 Ford 4 door deluxe police car from Endicott,Ny

This year was the first time ever that a 100 year old car was in the race! A 1911 Velie from Fairport,Ny

It was a fun and cool to see, If they ever come thru your area go check them out! The last time they hit Binghamton was in 2000 hopefully they be back sooner next time!




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