14 06 2011

The Cup guys were at Pocono sunday and i was there for it! I planed on going few months ago with one of my girls, I ended up winning free tickets from JTG Racing witch Bobby Labonte drives for!

I had an awesome time there with my sweetie and meeting new friends and Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke!!

I was blown away by the speed they were going there! I’m used to the short tracks and Walkins Glen where they dont go as fast. After seeing them at that speed i told my sweetie i need to hit Daytona or Talladaga Haha! It was so cool and took my breath away seeing them go that fast! They even seamed fast during the pace and caution laps! I tryed to get picts during pace and caution and kept missing them but i did get 1 lucky shot of Harvick!

The view at Pocono sucked! You couldnt really see them much at all so you had to watch the Sprint video screen and listen to MRN. All we really could see is hafe of the frontstright and turn 1. We did have great view of the pits and we were right in front of Harvick and Labonte,s pits! Awesome view there!!

The weather was calling for possable rain and storms but thankfully the rain held off untill after the race! The sun kept coming in and out and it kept going from cool to hot and i ended up getting toasted Haha

We left about 25 laps to go so we could get the hell out fast to beat traffic and good thing we did cause we get about 2 miles from track it started to downpour!

Kevin Harvick did a hell of of job! He started 32 and finished 5th!! It was awesome watching him pit and his crew work!Kevin did scare us hafe to death at the start from playing games with kyle busch

Bobby Labonte started 18th finished 28th, He did alright! It was awesome seeing them work too!

There were 18 lead changes and 4 cautions. Jeff Gordon took the win. Dale Jr finished 6th!

The best part of it all was spending the day with friends and watching them pit and go fast!!

My next Cup race will be Richmond in Sept! Who knows what other races i’ll go to this season but my next race im seeing is the Great America race where about 100 cars from 1911-1969 race across ameria in a week! They are stoping in Binghamton wed evening!





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