Racing Community to Rally for Young Racer

25 05 2011

(Binghamton, NY)   A young racer is facing her biggest challenge following a hard crash in a microd.  Breanna “Boo” Baker was racing Saturday with the Finger Lakes Microd Club and had hard contact with the outside retaining wall.  The Willseyville, NY youngster, just 8 years old, is in critical condition at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester with a spinal cord injury.
While future baseball stars get their start in Little League, aspiring racers have microd clubs to acquire driving skills.   And while accidents sometimes occur in any sport, race fans have been an especially generous bunch when one of their own is in need.     Race tracks throughout the twin tiers will be conducting helmet drives this weekend, or next weekend if they experience a rain-out, to help offset medical expenses in what will likely be a long road to recovery.
Others wanting to help the family are encouraged to contact her parents:

Duane & Kris Baker
917 Ithaca Rd., Apt. #2
Willseyville, NY  13864

Cards and well wishes for Breanna will reach her at:
Breanna Baker
Golisano Children’s Hospital
Strong Memorial Hospital
11th Floor, Room 7
601 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY  14642

Today’s update:

“My daughter made it out of surgery successfully. They had to fuse 3 vertebra’s instead of 2.
I feel very blessed today. Got to talk with my daughter on the phone. It’s been the longest conversation since she’s been in. She seems very happy and in great spirits. The doctors said she might be able to get up and walk a little. Thanks again for all the prayers”

GET WELL SOON BREANNA!! Our thoughts and prayers are with ya!!




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