Richmond Preview!

29 04 2011

Ahhh the boys are back at my favorite track RICHMOND!! Love that track! My very first Cup and Nationwide race was there in May 2001 and i went to every race there till about 2005 then off n on. The last time i was there was 2007 but I WILL be going back in Sept!!

RIR is 3/4 mile short track with LOTS of action and Excitment and best of all its a NIGHT RACE!

Fridays are the busyest days with pratices and Quls for both Cup and Nationwide and ends with the Nationwide race! You can catch all the action starting at 1030am on SPEEDTV and the Nationwide race at 7pm on SPEED this week NOT ESPN!!

Tomarrow nite at 7pm is the Cup race!

Last nite the K&N East Series raced and Darrell Wallace Jr won that race! Ater that race Denny Hamlin had his cherity race and Denny won!!

Enjoy the Action at RIR today if you are there or watching on Speed! Have a fun and stay safe!

Thoughts and prayers to everyone that got hit with the tornados and floods this week!




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