South Boston Doubleheader

19 04 2011

Great news! Southern Modified Driver Burt Myers  was releast from the hospital on sunday! In fact Burt didnt go stright home as he went to South Boston to watch the Southern Modified race! Heres what Burt said on Facebook

Burt Myers I am at home WITHOUT a chest tube. Thank you for all the prayers, I firmly believe they all paid off. I have an appt next week to be released to race. It is obvious the Lord has more plans for me here on earth. Thank you to all the staff @ Allamance Reg Hospital for taking such great care of me. Lee Jefferies will be driving my car this weekend at Caraway. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again. God bless
The K&N Ease Series and Whelen Southern Modified Tour planed to race their doublehead on Saturday but the rain moved them to Sunday.

K&N series took the track first for their race. Darrell Wallace Jr started on the pole and Sergio Pena got his very first K&N East series win!

The Whelen Southern Modified Tour took the track soon after the K&N race for their 150 lapper. The feild started by owners points and that put Lee Jeffreys on the pole as he was driving for Burt Myers. Andy Seuss got caught up in a crash and had to replace the real axle so he finished 15th.
Ted Christopher came down to run the race. He started 17th and took the win. George Brunnhoelzl finished 2nd Zach Brewer was 3rd Tim Brown 4th and John Smith 5th. Jason Myers finished 7th. Their next race is at Caraway Speedway on Saturday for the Easter Bunny 150

My Cousin’s hubby Justin Drew got himself a race car for his local track! He is running in the Ucar series. Justin ran his first ever race at Franklin County Speedway in VA on Sunday! Justin finished 2nd in class and 7th overall in his series!! WAY TO GO JUSTIN!!

Till next time have fun be safe!




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