Wild exciting finish at Talladega

18 04 2011

WOW WHATA FINISH THAT WAS!! That finish was unbelieveablely exciting as they came to line at 3 and 4 wide! It was the wildest, Most exciting and closest finish in Nascar history! It was so close it took a few mins. to sort out who ended up where! Jimmie Johnson took the win by only .002 sec over Clint Bowyer! Jeff Gordon ended up 3rd, Dale Jr 4th, Kevin Harvick 5th and Carl Edwards 6th!!

That whole race was just exciting with 88 lead changes and 6 cautions! There was no ‘Big one’ this time! The lead changed every lap and sometimes 2 or 3 times in 1 lap now that was a heart pounding, nurve shot exciting race! Again it was much like the Daytona 500 with the 2 car drafts. I dont know about you but after that race im starting to like it! Thats whatcha call 200mph square dancing!

Kevin Harvick worked with Dave Blaney through out most of the race untill they lost each other and Dave Blaney got taking out by Kurt Busch. After Harvick lost Blaney Harvick worked with his teammate Clint Bowyer up to the finish! Harvick was happy to leave with 5th place finish and having his motor last! He said himself “Wow that was crazy”  Harvick also left moving up to 4th in the points!!

Usually im not happy with Jimmie Johnson winning but after that finish i didnt care because that finish was so wild, exciting and close!  Some fans were going off about how he passed under the yellow line but HE DID NOT Johnson won that race fair and square! If you didnt like that finsih and think it wasnt exciting its time for you to find anther sport to watch!

After Jimmie Johnson won he went and thanked his teammate Dale Jr for working with him, Jimmie gave Dale Jr the checker flag and had him go to victory lane with him! Now thats classy!

My heart is still pounding after that one! WOW That was WILD, CRAZY, EXCITING!! This has been a wild season so far as 4 of the 8 races were exciting! 

The Cup guys have this coming weekend off for Easter and will be at Richmond next! Bet you thats gonna be exciting! 

Till next time have fun and be safe!




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