Twice is nice for Harvick

4 04 2011

How about that race! It was a great wild action packed race with 31 lead changes, 11 cautions and a 25min red flag!

Kevin Harvick started the race in 9th. Kevin’s car was junk at the start and droped like a rock in a heartbeat. During the first hafe of the race Kevin and 29 crew were fighting to make adjustments to the car so he could drive it. At lap 232 there was a pileup with a few cars and Kevin ended up getting hit with right front fender rear bumper damage. Around lap 250 at hafeway there was a huge crash that brought out the red flag for 25mins. Durning that time the 29 crew talked about getting the car better and making plans. Kevin said that damage helped his car! Kevin ended up going a lap down but a caution came out and put him back on the lead lap. Kevin took 2 tired on that stop and that put him up to 10th! Once Kevin got up to 10th there was no lookin back! He had the fastest car and was going by them all!

20 Laps to go Dale Jr passed Kyle Busch for the lead and Harvick was in 4th. Harvick would get by the 42 car for 3rd and then gets by Kyle Busch for 2nd easly. 6 Laps to go Harvick catches Dale Jr and passes him. Dale Jr tryed to get him back but couldnt hold him off and Harvick gets the win! Dale Jr ended up 2nd!

That was wild finish and I was going nuts because both Kevin and Jr are my drivers!  WHAT A RACE, WHAT A FINISH!! It goes to show ya its not over till its over!! NEVER GIVE UP!! 2 in row for the 29!! As they say everything comes in 3s! Texas here we come!!

Kevin said in Victory lane he felt like the bad guy passing Jr but we are going for the win!

KevinHarvick What a day! Never quit we are going to #grabsomebuds!
tireguytwonine Tell ya what, we have to get @KevinHarvick a new steering wheel because he was chewing on that one! As always #DOINIT! Never Quit!
twoninereyes Hell yeah!!! Thanks for all the congrats from everyone. Two in a row. Awesome!!! Grab some buds
tireguytwonine Nothin’ but love and congrats to @twoninereyes, @DeLanaHarvick, @KevinHarvick & even @Mother_Function. Great day! Thanks! #DOINIT!



Enjoy this awesome win Harvick fans!! Have fun and be safe!!




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