Darlington and Caraway

14 03 2011

The Truck series ran at Darlington on Saturday. It was a good day in Darlington for a one day show. They practiced, Qualiflyed, and Raced same day.

There was 8 lead changes and 10 cautions. The first caution came right as 7 trucks piled up into turn 1 first lap. On lap 98 there was a scary crash involding #4 Ricky Carmicheal and #20 Johanna Long. Rickey spun and Johnna had no plae to go and slamed broadside into Ricky. Both drivers walked away OK thank God! That crash brought out a 7 min. red flag for track cleanup.

Kasey Khane driving for #18 KBMS would go on to dominate the race and take the win. #33  Ron Hornaday finished 2nd and #30 Todd Bodine finished 3rd. #2 Elliott Sadler would finish 7th.  Matt Crafton left Darlinton with the points lead.

Next race for the Truck series is April 2 at Martinsville

The Nascar Whelen Southern Modified tour raced at Caraway Speedway in NC. on Sunday for their first race of the season.

On lap 120 the first and 2nd place guys L.W. Miller and Brian Loftin got together and that put George Brunnhoelzl  into the lead and he would go on to take the win. Finishing 2nd was Tim Brown 3rd was Thomas Stinson 4th was L.W. Miller and 5th would be James Civali. Runding out top 10 would be 6th John Smith, 7th Jason Myers, 8th Andy Seuss, 9th Todd Szegedy and 10th was Austin Pack. Burt Myers finished 14th and Ted Christopher would be 19th.

The next race for the Southern Modified tour is back at Caraway Speedway March 26

Untill next time have fun and be safe! Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Japan and everyone that has friends over there.




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