7 03 2011

What an Awesome Parade day it was thanks to Q106! Awesome time and awesome folks! The weather turned out good with rain holding off for us! We had an Awesome gazebo by Midway Sales! Not many people can say they rode in a rolling gazebo and at 40mph at that WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Got to staging about 1130am we pimped up that gazebo and just hung out waiting for the parade to start. While we were waiting the guys from RedCross came over gave me alittle hell for not being with them haha that was so funny! Glen Picture from 98.1 came over! Parade started at 1:30 but it was like 2:00 when we got going. We ended up right behind Philly pipe band! AWESOME! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Parade day in Binghamton is so wild, fun and crazy! Gota love it! There was lots of people out there! Seen people on light poles, trees and hanging out windows! You would think you were in Philly or NYC not Binghamton haha! St.Paddy’s parade day is the biggest of them all!! Everyone and i mean EVERYONE comes out for this parade!! If you never been to a huge St. Paddy’s parade you need to get to one!

After the parade we were just riding around going back to where we started. We hit 40mph in that gazebo that was awesome! Got to Seton High school and thats where i got off. Spent the rest of the day there at Seton watching all the pipe bands, the Avalon string band and some Irish dancers! The place was packed there wasnt much room to move around! About all the pipe bands came in did a set of 3 or 4 songs! Gota love those pipe bands!! The Broome County Celtic pipe band and Philly did 2 songs together. That was awesome!

A huge THANKS to Q106 and Heather Black! Also Thanks to Midway Sales for the awesome Gazebo float! AWESOME TIME and AWESOME RIDE!! Q106 and Heather Block ROCKS!! Check out Q106 at You can listen to them online and listen to Heather M-F 10am-2pm!!




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