I miss you Acen

3 03 2011

It hard to believe its only been 6 months sence you left us.  It still feels like yesterday. We will never know why you had to leave us but i guess Heaven needed a little Fireman to help them wash the fire trucks. I know that you are always riding with me looking over me giving me strenght and keeping me safe on those calls.  I have a picture of you on gear rack so you always be right there with me.

Acen with his Sister Renni

For those that dont know Acen was my little 5 year old buddy that sadly left us Sept 3rd 2010. He passed on in his sleep for unknown reason. I was hafe way to VA when i got news because i going down for my birthday weekend then it turned out the worse ever. At his memorial service i wore my FD dress shirt and badge and we set up some pictures of him with a fire hat. He was my little fireman. The one thing that really helped was Ava Aston’s song  “I Carry You with Me”  You can go to youtube.com look up Ava Aston to hear the song and see the video. He was my naughbor’s great grandson and would come over to see me alot. He loved fire trucks and every time he see me he would ask  “Did you ride firetruck today?”

I’ll never forget the day i brought Acen and Renni to the station. Acen loved it he had fun getting in the trucks. It was so funny i put him up in the tranker told him to pull the string 1st time nothing happen so i said pull harder then he did and next think i know Renni is running out the door hahaha! Another time someone to them to another near by firehouse this time Renni loved it but Acen told them Its no fun here without Fireman Dave haha!

Race on stay strong and you’ll do fine, Its good to know I was your Hero cause you were mine.

In my heart you’ll always be, I carry you with me.




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