IT’S MARCH – The month of The Irish!!

1 03 2011

Hello March!! Ahhh its mine and every Firefighter’s favorite month!!

Whats there not to love being Irish? Parades, Bagpipe bands, Irish music, McDs awesome Shamrock shakes and of course the Pubs and green beer! Well for me i’ll stick with the Shamrock shakes because i had to say goodbye to green beer.

Every year Binghamton has their Parade day on the first Saturday of March so that way they can bring the big name Pipe bands from Philly, New York City and other places!



Every year sence i joined the RedCross i would be in the parade with them! I think its more funner than marching with the FD because they take it serious! Being serious in a parade is not how i roll!!  Last year i wasnt able to be in the parade because of my surgery so i went to watch and i never realised how long & huge the  the parade was! Its a good 2 hour long parade and they even have a blownup pub where u could drink in the street! I did notice how some FDs were having fun while others were being serious! Every year after the parade they have a huge after parade party with all the pipe bands coming in at Seton Catholic high school! I wasnt able to go last year but i’ll be there Saturday!

Theres alot of history and culture with Firefighters being Irish! Theres parades every weekend and on St Paddy’s day all over the country! NYC has the biggest parade of them all on St Paddy’s day and u can watch it online if you not down there. I did last year and it was neat to see! FIR NA TINE! (Men of Fire)

I been told that part of my family came from Ireland so that really makes me Irish! Its even more funner when ya  really are Irish!!



Lets make the month of the Irish a fun and safe one!!




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