2011 DAYTONA 500

21 02 2011

The 53rd Daytona 500 was wild action packed race with mixed emotions depending on who you ask. Some say it was very exciting and others like me for one think it was a long boring race.

This years 500 was also record breaking and went in the history book. There were 74 lead changes! That broke the 1974 Daytona 500 with 60 lead changes! There were 16 cautions for 60 laps breaking the track record.

The prerace show was awesome with Brad Paisley was awesome as always and Martina Mcbride did awesome with the Anthem

Once the race got underway it didnt long for the action to start. On lap 24 Kevin Harvick blew the motor. It was had to be a bad motor part because lap 24 is way to early to be blowing a motor. It was first motor Harvick lost sence 2006! That was just so heartbraking for all his fans.  Kevin finished 42nd.

tireguytwonine The good news is there are 25 races to go til the Chase. Keep your heads up. DOIN’ IT! Never Quit!

KevinHarvick Just leaving RCR after our Monday morning 29 team meeting. Everyone is over Daytona and ready for Phoenix.

On lap 30 the big wreck happened, At least hafe the drivers in the feild had some damage from it.  There were a few more wrecks through out the race mosly 2, 3 or 4 cars. There were no injuries in any of the wrecks! On lap 198 there was a 5 car wreck that forced them to go green,white,checker and before they could get the white flag Dale Jr and 3 other cars wrecked forcing them to a 2nd atempt for GWC this time they were able to take the checkers!

Trevor Bayne driving the 21 Wood Brothers car took the win! Trevor was a underdog as he had to quaifyi to make the race and isnt a full time Cup driver as he is running full time in Nationwide. Trevor was the youngest driver ever to win the Daytona 500 at 20 years and 1 day old! Trevor was also only the 2nd driver to win the 500 in his first start! The only other driver was Lee Petty durning the very first Daytona 500 in 1959! Trevor’s win is the first victory for the Wood Brothers sence March 2001 at Bristol with Elliott Sadler!

Tbayne21 Sayyyy what! I’m blown away at how amazing God’s plan is! 500 winner 🙂 can’t believe it!

woodbrothers21 Still trying to soak this win it, Eddie, Len and the family are celebrating at steak and shake eating probably eatting their 20th hamburger of speed weeks

woodbrothers21 Emotional moment for Eddie and Len describing what it feels like to get their dad and Leonard back in VL

woodbrothers21 Trevor says he would love to stay with this team forever
woodbrothers21 Trevors response to the green white checkered was that was the first time I had been nervous all day, I thought it was cool to just lead

Tbayne21 My cheeks are already hurtin from smilin so much!! 3 days of media here we come!!!

woodbrothers21 the car in the Daytona 500 experience, will be there for the year

The top 5 were 1 Trevor Bayne 2 Carl Edwards 3 David Gilliland 4 Bobby Labonte 5 Kurt Busch Check nascar.com for the rest of the results!





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