Remembering Dale Earnhardt

18 02 2011

10 years ago today was the Daytona 500 all was going well just a normal Daytona 500 with Dale Earnhardt moving from the back to the front though out the race and excaping the big crash by going under Tony Stewart as he we went flying throught the air. 5 Laps to go Dale was in 3rd blocking for his 2 cars Dale Jr and Micheal Waltrip leading then the final lap the final turn Dale got loose and hit the wall. When I saw Dale hit the wall i said  “Its Alright we’ll get em next week”  Micheal Waltrip won the race with Dale Jr 2nd. Little did we all know the unthinkable happened at that Daytona 500 and it would be the darkest and sadest day in Nascar history. About 2 hours later i watching ESPN for an update on Dale as most were thinking he broke a leg or something then Nascar President announced “This is undoubtedly one of the toughest announcements that I’ve ever personally had to make. But after the accident in Turn 4 at the end of the Daytona 500, we’ve lost Dale Earnhardt

When i started following Nascar i picked Dale as my driver because he was really the only driver i knew of at the time, Everyone knew who Dale Earnhardt was everyone even those that were not Nascar fans knew that black #3! At the end of the year in 2000 i planed on going to Richmond for my first Cup race and all i talked about all that winter was that i was gonna finally see that Black 3 on the track and hoping to meet Dale but on February 18 2001 those dreams sady went away. I still went to the race and i remember all the stuff fans and Nascar did in honor of Dale. I saw some of Dale’s show cars in the area and remember the 1 time i had goten really sick needed to be in the hospital but i had to go see that Black 3 before i went!!!

Dale Earnhardt did it all he was the Intimidator! Dale won 7 Winston Cup Championships matching Richard Petty! Dale won 78 in his career. Dale started driving in Winston Cup in 1979 winning Rookie of the year then in 1080 in his 2nd year he won his fist Championship! Dale won the 2nd Champion in 1986 his 3rd in 1987 his 4th in 1990 his 5th in 1991 his 6th in 1992 and his final in 1994. Dale won his final race at Talladega in 2000

Still today Fans and places all over are honoring Dale! At Kings Dominion in VA they made a roller coaster after Dale called the Intimidator! Its 305 feet high and goes 90 mph! The front car looks like Dale’s car and the have one of Dale’s car on display along with few other things!

Today and this week at Daytona fans and Nascar are honoring DaleHeres what a few fans on twitter are saying

NancyWelborn “I was just gonna rattle his cage” #3

NancyWelborn “we won it, we won it, we won it” #3

1HaPpYfan Ten years later, Dale… we still miss you! Forever in our hearts~ #3

NancyWelborn RIP #3 always and forever!

NickDuaneBrown Ten years later, we will never forget the man. We miss you Dale. 3

1OBXfan4ever Missing that black #3 today…as I have every day for the last 10 years!! 😥

MBegor29 I liked that line on Nascar Live….”his greatest legacy may be the lives he has saved.” Miss you Dale!! #3

Heres a video i made in honor of Dale a few years ago with updated picts. You have to copy and paste the link


R.I.P We will never forget you!!




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