Bud Shootout review

13 02 2011

NASCAR finally droped the green flag for the 2011 season last nite for the Bud Shootout!

It was an ok race wasnt great,wasnt bad. The worse part of the race was the 2 car break aways! That was just a bunch of bullcrap! Normality at Daytona you see 25 car pack going 3 wide but not last nite there wasnt! It looked square dancing you just grab a partner and go that wasnt exciting! I hope NASCAR fixes this before the 500 next Sunday or its gonna be boring! The speeds were crazy! There were going  over 205 mph at times! WOW! Hope Nascar does something to slow these cars down alittle!

The good thing is that there were no major crashes just a few spins and 1 little muti car wreck witch invold Dale Jr, Joey Logano and few others that started by Carl Edwards

Kurt Busch won the race in a 3 wide finish with Ryan Newman and Denny Hamlin, Denny was the first to cross the line but was below the yellow line so Kurt got the win! At Daytona and Talladega you cant pass below that yellow line!

Kevin Harvick did well finishing 7th! Heres his twitter comment “Well the beginning was great but at the end the car was hitting the rev limiter and I couldn’t push..change the rev chip and we are ready!

Heres a few comments from Drivers on twitter

Kurt Busch “Wow what a night. I couldn’t have done it without Jamie McMurray.

Denny Hamlin “well I guess a rule is a rule but damn.. I just was trying to avoid a dega flip

Joey Logano “So not the night I was wanting my car was fast and I thought I would have a shot at winning and got cought up there. 500 Q runs tomorrow

Heres the finishing results!


Today is Daytona 500 front row Qualifying at 1pm est on Fox!

Untill next time have fun and be safe!!




2 responses

13 02 2011
Justin drew

Good review, but I was impressed with the cars and the drivers performances, if I recall last year there was a lot of long single file runs. I think with this new set up and the track there is gonna be more side by side and three wide four or five cars deep(which is a lot better then single file racing). All in all pretty good looking forward to thur and then Sunday!

13 02 2011

Thanks! Yep thats true alot better than the single file crap LOL

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