Remembering Alex Brown

1 02 2011

Alex Brown was a 17 year old Texas girl that lost her life in a single MVA (Motor Vechicle Accident).  She lost control of her truck while TEXTING & DRIVING & her truck rolled over ejecting her because she WASNT BUCKLED UP!

Her parents had turned her tragedy into something positive! They had put her truck on a trailer and travels to schools to help stop teens and everyone else from Texing & Driving and getting them to Buckleup! They also made a Pledge for everyone to sign!

This effects me both personal and as a Firefighter because of a young friend that was killed in a MVA a while back before i joined the FD! It wasnt from Texting &Driving but still!  As a Firefighter i had seen lots of bad MVAs so far by the Grace of God none were fatal! Everday I hear of tragic stories like this! EVERYDAY in the U.S 11 teens are killed from Texting & Driving! There is No telling how many are killed everyday from not wearing their seatbelt!! Accidents are the 2nd leading cause of Firefighter deaths because not being Buckled up in the firetuck or their own car while responding to an alarm!!

Alex Brown and her family was futured on the TV show Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday night! This show is a MUST SEE and you can watch it here online!

Someone on from Kevin Harvick’s board talked about the Home Makeover show but i never thought anything about it untill I read Ava Aston’s blog about R.A.B then i realised how serious this is! Later durning the day I came across the R.A.B Facebook page and the video of show!

Please vist their site and SIGN THE PLEDGE!!

Untill next time Have fun be safe Buckleup and DNT TXT N DRV!!




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