Welcome 2011 Racin’ Season

28 01 2011

The 2011 Racin’ season is here!! Im gonna be blogging MY OPINIONS Of the races and what ever else happens in racin’!! Just so you know these will be just MY OPINIONS and feelings!! So with that said pull those belts tight and enjoy the wild ride!! LETS HAVE AT IT!!

Last weekend kicked off the Nascar season with preseason testing! This coming weekend is the Rolex 24 and the Nascar Toyota All Star Showdown and there is lots of big news happening already!!

The biggest news this week was the Nascar points change!  Last nite Nascar announced a “simplified 43 – 1 points system”  for all 3 series! Its goes like this ” 43rd place car gets 1 point the winner gets 43 points then add in the bonus poins 1 point for lead a lap, 1 point for most laps lead! Add in the Chase for the Cup series top 10 drivers plus 11th and 12th driver with most wins from 11th-20th in points!

Ok heres MY Opinion – ARE THEY CRAZY? Heck yea they are!! Basicly the points system is the same just less points! If you have a tighter points system WHY in the heck do we need the chase? WE DONT! GET RID OF THE CHASE!! Bryan France said “This is what the fans want” SAY WHAT! WE DONT want that!! WE WANT more for the WINNERS!  The race winners are getting NOTHING out of this!! Nascar is trying to get “NEW fans” in the sport instead they are just ticking off us older fans that has stuck with them for years!!

Pick a series! Now Drivers can only run for the Championship in either Cup, NationWide or the Truck series!! Now this new rule is AWESOME!! That will stop the Cup guys from killing the NationWide and Trucks!!

Time change – Nascar wants to change starting times again! ARE THEY CRAZY? Heck yea they are!! They fixed it for 1 season now wanna screw it up again!! LEAVE IT ALONE!!

So there you have MY OPINIONS for the 3 biggests news in Nascar! I’m still thinking about weather im gonna blog my race opinions after each race or do it all in 1 blog after the race weekend – What do you think? I leaning at each race so the blogs be shorter!

Till next time Have fun Be safe and enjoy the ride!!




2 responses

28 01 2011
Ava Aston's Muckery

Good Job Dave!



28 01 2011

Thanks Ava xox 😉

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