3 Year Anniversary

28 01 2011

January 28th 2008 my life changed forever! My life long dream of being a firefighter finally came a reality!!

It all started in August 2007 i went down the firehouse hung out every monday got to know the guys then in October i started on the membership process! December 3rd at the company meeting i was voted in station 2! January 28th 2008 i had goten my letter from the town of Vestal saying im an offical volunteer Firefighter for the town of Vestal in Station 2!!!

My first call was a 2nd alarm buliding fire at Binghamton University! I was already at the station hanging out getting some picts in my gear when the call in! I remember i scary the heck out of of one guys when he got out of his car because i was just yelling WOOOOOOOOOO Haha!! I got to take the midi and that was a wild ride! My very first time going on a call and was all the way on other side of town! I didnt know what to say or think was we were going there! It was awesome and scary alittle too! We got there and just stayed in staging so i didnt see any fire but i could cared less because i just had the ride of my life! The first fire i seen was a garage fire wasnt to long after the BU fire and in March saw my first house fire! My first wildfire was in the spring that year and i’ll tell that was wild! It was in PA. and still today the guys talk about that one because i was in the woods putting out hotspots then all of a suddon i went rolling down a hill Haha! Yes i was OK!

Its hard to believe its been 3 years now! I have already seen lots of fires and action!! Its just been really awesome and im having a great time! I had ran into a very few bumbs along the way and made mistakes but i had learned from them! Only really bad thing that happened to me was leaving the fire scene in an ambulance because I was at a brush fire and took in alittle to much smoke! That wont happen any more!!

Everyone at the station is my 2nd family the Brothers and Sisters are just awesome! The look out and watch over me and are there whenever i need them! Last Feburay i had surgery and they were there with me the whole time i was out! They either came to the hospital or came vist me at home! Then in My Mom had major surgery and they were there for me and my family too! God Bless my Brothers and Sisters!!

There aint nuttin that will keep me down! I go to every training mornings and nights whever possable and go to every alarm possable! Thanks my all my Brothers getting me back and forth to trainings and alarms!! If noone is home to take me i walk to the end of the street to the main rd to catch a brother! They have been great looking out for me out there!!

This whole experience has been just awesome! I cant really put my feeling of it all into words!

Check out the 3 Year video i made!


Till next time have fun be safe!




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