VBFD Bad to the Bone

27 01 2011

One of the best days of 2010 was July 5 On that day I rode with Virginia Beach Fire!!  I spent the whole 24 hours at Station 11 with the C-Shift crew Riding Engine 14!!

The Crew on Engine 14 was awesome with Capt Frank, Driver Al and Firefighter Dan! Engine 14 was the Medic Engine meaning they did EMS calls!

I got to Station 11 at 0715! They welcomed me right in! Met the guys had coffee while waiting to meet my crew!  After meeting my crew we got the day started! First thing was the truck check after that we went to a hospital to pick up medical stuff. When we got Capt said i was welcome to go in with them I said ” No thanks Capt i been in enought hospitals this year LOL”  After we left we went back to station and had breakfest! Sat next to Chief  Harvey I said something about fire alarm as soon as i said that BANG we were off to the first alarm of the day!!

When we got back to the station we finished eatting then just hung out messing around having a good time!  Sence July 5th was a city holiday things were slower than a normal day! The guys taught me about the trucks and how VBFD is and compaired how both our Departments opperate! One thing i learned was how big Virginia Beach was! I got to get up in the Tiller! What an awesome truck!

At 1800 was dinner time and the guys cooked up steak and it was the biggest and best dang steak i ever had! The crew sure did a hellable job on dinner! After dinner we just hung out waiting for the alarm! We turned out lights at 2300 I got to zzzz in a Capts room! The Capts and Cheifs had their own rooms! I didnt sleep much cause i was just waiting for the alarm! Engine 11 did get 1 or 2 alarms over nite and what was neat was when the alarm went off all the lights came on! At0630 we woke up had coffee waiting for the new shift to come in and when they did we said goodbye and it was over and i didnt want to leave LOL

We ended up getting 4 calls that shift 2 fire alarms 2 medical! It was slow shift even the crew was surprised we only got 4 alarms being they are one of busyest in the city!

EVERYONE at station 11 was awesome! Had an awesome time and experience!! I will do it again someday and next time it be on a regular day LOL!!

To VBFD,  Crew of Engine 14 and Station 11 THANK YOU!! It was so awesome and i’ll see ya again sometime soon!!

Till next time Have fun and be Safe!!




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