24 01 2011

I decided to give this blogging thing another shot! I wanna mostly focus on Racing and the good stuff happening! Want this blog to be fun, The things i enjoy and not getting serious about anything! You know me i am hardly ever serious but when i am its not all good haha!! After all i come to the blogging site everyday to read Ava Aston’s blog 😉

Welcome 2011!! Im so glad its a new year because as most of ya’ll know 2010 was a year in hell except for few things! Finally met a cupple of friends from Harvick’s site i know for years and we went to Walkins Glen!! God I love those girls 😉

This year is gonna be a good one! Im looking at going to 2 maybe 3 Cup races this season and who knows what trouble i’ll find to get into 😉 I joined a gym in Dec and so far thats going good!

DOIN’ IT came from Rob Lopes the tire specialist for Kevin Harvick’s cup team so some of us Harvick got to saying it now!

Till next time have fun and be safe!! DOIN’ IT!! NEVER QUIT!!




6 responses

24 01 2011

I’m glad you decided to do it!! 🙂

24 01 2011

Thanks 😉

24 01 2011

Great 1st blog Dave, have fun with it… and keep on DOIN’ IT!
btw, I’m proud of you, for going to the gym and DOIN’ IT.

24 01 2011

Thanks 🙂

24 01 2011

I’m glad you are DOIN IT too!!! great job 😉

24 01 2011

Thanks 🙂

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