Living the Dream

22 03 2010

 Sence i was little I always wanted to be a Firefighter i had tons of toy firetucks and stuff even had a wagon with a rope on it as a fire hose and i would have on a red firehat and I would run around the yard making the sounds of the firetruck! There was a time when I loved Firetucks but I hated fire I wouldnt go anywhere near a fire but those times didnt last long as I begain to fall in love it all!

At 15 I joined the EMS Exlorer program. That was a great starting point I learned alot about the EMS there as i always it was same the same thing as being a Firefighter.  As soon I turned 16 I went to a Firehouse only to find out I get shotdown but we all have bumps in the road as we chase ours dreams! I kept at it and kept going with the EMS!

At 18 or so I became a member of the EMS not as an EMT or anything but was there to help out on whatever i could even help the crew with Rig checks and all! I even went on a few ride alongs! In 2002 I took the NYS First Responder course just to see how I would do and to my surprise i did pertty well but didnt become a CFR!

In 2005  I joined the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina hit thinking maybe i get to go down there and help out soon relised Im glad i didnt go down! In 2006 we had a major flood and let me tell you it sure felt like u were down south at a hurricane! I got to do alot and met some nice folks all across this Country durning that time! I got work in a selter then out on the streets what a experience that was! Im still with the Red Cross helping out with things!

In Augest 2007 My life changed forever as I went down to Station 2 as soon i walk in there i stated to get a good feeling about things this time! I went down every monday nite for the trainings and meets to get to know the guys and all then in Oct i started the membership process and in Dec at the Co. meeting I was voted in as a member and then on January 28 2008 I Received the letter from the town board that I WAS AN OFFICAL  FIREFIGHTER for Vestal, Ny Station 2!!

Its Been an amazing 2 years so far! Im loving every minute of it! I try to make every call, training, meeting I possablely can! I Even got an award for making the most calls for 2009! I dont do it for the  awards, money, or to be famous! I do cause my heart says i have to do it!!

I wanta Thank  My Family, Friends and Everyone that helped me reach my dream!!

I Hope you enjoy this video i made after my 1st year!





4 responses

22 03 2010

O, dave Im such a sap!! That video mad me tear up!! Congrats on living your dream!! Your perseverance should be admired! Im proud of you!!! (ok, enough of that!! PUKE!!) 😉

22 03 2010

Thanks 😉

22 03 2010

Hey Bud, that was beautiful and I cried because I was so proud of you and happy for you. God Bless you and keep you and all the other firefighters at your station safe in His hands.

22 03 2010

Thanks 🙂

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