Welcome to my Blog!

23 02 2010

Howdy Ya’ll

Welcome to my first ever blog site! 

Im gonna be doing some fun blogging on Firefighting, NASCAR, and somethings thrown in there like Music!

Theres alota overhauling going on right now, Hang tight casue its gonna be a wild ride when i gets things figgered out and going!

I wanna give a big thanks to Medic Dani for helping get things started and also thanks to FiremanRich, MsParamedic, bobpockrass and anyone else i might missed for tips and info on starting to blog

Thanks for stoping by and please sign up for email notices on my newest blog!





4 responses

23 02 2010
MsShell29 (Michele)

Hi Knucklehead!! I’ve bookmarked your blog! Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff you come up with!

23 02 2010
Carlo Smith


Hey this is cool.. anyway as I said in my e-mail I hope you get better soon…


27 01 2011
richard austin

like it dave! good luck and caint wait to see what you post brother from station 2!

27 01 2011

Thanks Bro

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